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Lactation and Feeding Therapy

Laying the foundation for healthy feeding from birth 



Anne Dalton


Anne is a Speech Language Pathologist and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, specializing in feeding and swallowing with newborns through childhood.  Anne has over 17 years of experience working within the pediatric acute care hospital setting including the NICU, the outpatient setting, as well as home health.  Anne has a special interest in tethered oral tissues and the impact tongue and lip ties have on feeding and oral development.  Anne is excited to share her knowledge and help problem solve general to complex feeding issues.  She will support you and your family as you navigate feeding development with your child.  


Preparation and Planning:
Prenatal classes and consultation
Prior breastfeeding issues
Fetal anatomical issues
Prior breast surgeries
Latch issues
Pain when nursing
Tongue and lip ties
Low weight gain
Multiples/Tandem nursing
Anatomical issues
Feeding Transitions:
Bottle feeding
Weaning support
Starting solids
Baby led weaning
Coughing, choking, gagging 
Picky eating


Group and Individual classes, Prenatal Consultation, Newborn Consultation and Follow up


A collection of breastfeeding support resources as well as general feeding developmental milestone resources for families.


Parents Recommend

Susan P.

"Anne provided me with valuable information on what to expect when breastfeeding.  I felt prepared to embark on our breastfeeding journey when my son arrived"

Kendra M.

"I was so close to giving up.  Anne coached me through and cheered me on along the way. She is passionate about breastfeeding and the wellness of mother and baby"

Allison H.

"Anne gave me the confidence to breastfeed successfully.  She understood the stress and frustration that comes with breastfeeding. She was caring, concerned and very knowledgeable"

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Anne Dalton, MS, CCC-SLP, IBCLC

Speech Language Pathologist

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Serving the greater West Michigan Area including: Holland, Zeeland, Grand Haven, Jenison, Hudsonville, Grandville, Wyoming and Grand Rapids  

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